BUY / SELL / LEASE of Residential And Commercial Property In Delhi- NCR.

From day first Composite Infra Services Pvt. Ltd. dedicated to provide best services to our customers. Today we are dealing in Residential and Commercial properties in Delhi-NCR and Faridabad . Apart from Residential and Commercial property we are leading real estate agent in renting services in Faridabad.
Our clients include some of the best known names in the Indian and international business arena. Our core strength is because of the highly qualified and seasoned professionals, experts and advisers.
In Charmwood Village and Greater Faridabad, we are the leading real estate consultant and having properties for sale, Purchase and Rent in competitive range. Today we have ready customer and client for each and every segment Low, Mid and High.

Other Services Offered

Property Tax statement

One should make sure that they have done their due meticulousness on what exactly is going to be your property tax. Property tax varies in different parts of the city, different parts of the country. So, that due diligence has to be done before one invests in residential real estate. If you feel that your busy schedule will not spare you enough time to handle your property tax issues, then we are here to help you. Our team members handling the property tax segment will be happy to run around for you and help you handle all the taxes related hassles free for you.

Property Maintenance

Our property maintenance services are sought by many customers who wish to have a trouble free life. We are seeing two trends that one trend shows the professionals buying for their own use.
Secondly, executive to be precise to suits senior corporate executives who would want to set up something on their own, just investing in it and thirdly there are people who are looking for a steady rental inflow by making sure there is a renter or tenant in the property.

Property maintenance will ensure that property life is upgraded timely with proper repairs / rehabilitation works and regular visual for no illegal acquisitions.
Moreover, you are well informed about the developments around your property and no neighbors by any chance will be able to extend to your property while they conduct construction on their own property land.

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney (POA) is legal document by means of which you can legally authorize another person or entity to carry out your duties on your behalf. One can give POA to someone whom they can trust, or someone who is legally, physically, and mentally competent to perform duties, or someone who is knowledgeable to use the powers effectively.
In case of real estate properties, it is highly suggested to have POA appointed for the reason that most property related work that involves government offices, registrars, legal documentation, builders, societies, utility companies, banks, etc needs a valid POA. This is beneficial for the NRIs as POA can be formed while they are abroad or when they are on their India visit. Our services will make it comfortable for you irrespective of your location.

Property Registration & Legal Formalities

Property registration is a solid proof that you are legal owner of the property. Also once property is registered the seller cannot change any of the terms included in the registered agreement. It is beneficial because once the property is registered the seller cannot change any of the terms included in the registered agreement.
Our property registration service mainly includes the process of arranging for registration by coordinating with your POA, the seller and sub-registrar’s office. Our property registration service lets you register your property. Please consider going through the other services as well because there are several useful services that are usually needed along with the property registry services.